Adventure, I realised, it wasn’t going to come
for me. I’ll have to meet it halfway, and when
better to start than today? So I picked up my pen
and booked up a ticket to fly for a crumb
of a sum to anywhere. And there I went,
sent by chance of the cheapest: free of the weight
of choice, I chose what I spent to determine my fate,
and snapped up the risk of the whisk, convinced I was meant
to be – for life, as another adventurer stated,
is either a daring adventure or nothing: we are
what we eat, where we go, who we meet, and the Yerkes-Dodson law
declares that performance goes up with arousal… The waited,
patient ones, the ones in the wings, the queued
to be cued, are safe. And stiff. And stuffed. Cud to be chewed.

[23/08/12 – 13/12/12]


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